Asumming 506 month by month


Apparatus 505 is about to end and 506 is about to begin.

Each apparatus brings a new challenge, and with it comes resources to help us navigate it. Depending on how each person decides to assume and assimilate the challenge, they end up with an increase in their consciousness or a debt with existence.

In Spanish, the word reality (“realidad”) sums up 55, and the word truth (“verdad”) sums 56.

505: the reset (0) of reality, this is the challenge we have just integrated. Allowing reality to update itself through us.

506: the reset (0) of truth, this is the challenge we are about to open ourselves to. Reality has already decided, reality has already been reset, now comes the time for each of us to decide to align with the reset of our truth in coherence with reality.

Global Convergent Logic (LGC) began providing resources publicly in 2013, the first year of apparatus 504. That means a process that has been providing resources during two full apparatus (504 and 505), that is from 2013 to 2020.

504: reset of the design/identity.

505: reset of reality.

This is the foundation we have upon which to assume and assimilate the new resources coming during apparatus 506 to address the coming challenge.

504 + 505 + 506= 1515 

A new logic from the future (15) updates the logic from the past (15).

Our biological unconscious of the future (51) updates the biological unconscious from the past (51).



GCL meetings 2021 "Assuming 506 month by month", has three specific purposes:

• To integrate the fundamental notions of the structure of space-time (2013-2020 GCL basis)

Introducing new notions (2021 GCL updates) 

• To share the processes of each participant throughout the meetings based on the following question: How can we assimilate the coming challenge of 506 that we are deciding to assume?



We will be meeting on the last Sunday of each month from 11am to 2pm Argentina time.

The idea is to provide a synthesis of each month, to slowly build the potential that 2021 is proving to each of us and to humanity. 

Each meeting will be divided into two parts:

·         Explanation of notions and references (previous and new)

·         Sharing each of our processes

Aula Virtual del Ciclo de Estructuras Espacio Temporales- Asume 506

Desde el 16 de Enero al 18 de Diciembre del 2021